How Far Can You Drive?

How far/long can you drive in a single shot?  At what distance/time do you say “no way”? I recently had to change my answer to this very question.

I’ve made the trip to Washington, DC several times before, but I had always split it into two 6-hour legs. 6 hours in a car is a pretty long time!  If you’ve driven that long, you know you get tired – and you’re happy to have someplace to rest.

I never considered whether I could do the full 12 hours in one trip because I never needed to.

On this most recent trip, two factors forced me to reevaluate this position:

1.)    Michele is in her third trimester. Did I really need to spend two additional nights away from her?

2.)    In the fall, I have some adventures that I intend to take out West.  That’s some serious driving.  In planning, I had to ask myself how far I really thought I could safely drive in one day.

And that’s all it took.  I simply questioned the way I was currently doing things.


And sure enough, although it was a longer drive, I was able to do it in a single shot.

*cue excited applause

OK, this isn’t a groundbreaking example, but that’s kinda the point.  You see what I’m getting at here, right?


Our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are often our most limiting factors.

I know I’m just writing about driving a car for long distances. 

But this isn’t a driving conversation. 

This isn’t a fitness conversation. 

This is a conversation about paying attention to yourself.


Opportunities to reassess, reevaluate, and question your ways of thinking & doing are always there.

As uncomfortable as thinking this way can be, it’s exciting!

It means that you’ve never reached some arbitrary “finish line”.

It means that there’s always an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you’re capable of.


Whether it’s in the gym or out, your old response of “no, I couldn’t do that” may not be valid anymore. 

You’re not the same person you were when you first answered that question.

And for the current you, again asking yourself: “could I do that?” is all it takes.


Stay Hungry, RCTF Crew.


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