Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training in Oak Park, IL. Work out in a small group setting on a personalized program, under the guidance of an expert coach! Reach your goals and have a blast doing it.

Why Small Group Personal Training?

Small Group Personal Training at RCTF offers a unique blend of individualized attention and the energy of a small group setting. You’ll enjoy personalized workouts tailored to your specific goals and fitness level, with the added motivation and support of like-minded individuals. This format allows for cost-effective personal training without compromising on quality, ensuring you receive the guidance and accountability you need to achieve the results you want!

Expert Coaching

Our coaches love to help you achieve your training goals! From technique, to customizations, to accountability – having a team of expert coaches in your corner will help you get the most out of every workout.

Personalized Programming

Your training program will be determined by your fitness level, training & injury history, and most importantly, YOUR GOALS! Our coaches will ensure that your program is set up to help you get serious results.

Lasting Results

When you become a member of RCTF, you become a part of a community focused on living an adventurous lifestyle. That won’t only transform your health, it’ll teach you how to maintain your results in and out of the gym.

Flexible Schedule

With a robust schedule available, you can train at RCTF when it works for you! We offer training sessions throughout the entire day, so it’s easier for you to get those workouts in.


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