The Key to Your New Year’s Resolution

Whether or not you personally treat it as such, the New Year is a major annual checkpoint for many folks.

Another year has passed. 

Time to take account of everything the previous year entailed.

Time to answer the question: ‘What do I want this upcoming year to look like?’


Because Resolutions so often involve fitness, I’ve helped guide a lot of these conversations. 

First, let me tell you: it doesn’t need to be fitness-related.


Maybe you want to learn a new language and travel to that country.

Start a garden and learn to cook with what you grow.

Connect more deeply with family/friends and build the relationships that are important to you.

If it enriches your life, we’re here for it.


Now, that enrichment piece is probably why fitness is such a common focus when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

We know that when you’re strong, conditioned, and resilient, you’re more confident.

You’re confident that the body you’ve built can take on exciting challenges.

And when you take on exciting challenges, it damn sure enriches your life.


I’m not here to tell you that you should or shouldn’t specifically make a New Year’s resolution.  That’s your call.  But if you do, I have this single piece of advice:


Don’t bullshit yourself.


Whatever it is that you truly want, don’t bullshit yourself.

Whatever’s within your control to change, don’t bullshit yourself.


I see most resolutions fail because they lack clarity. 

Not just clarity about tactics, but clarity about ‘why do I want this?’ 

It’s only gonna be meaningful if you’re honest with yourself. 

If you can articulate what you want for your life this year AND you can articulate why that’s important to you, then you’ve got a real shot at manifesting it.

But you can’t bullshit yourself.


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