Low Hanging Fruit for Maximum Fitness Results

It hits in February for most.  

The moment when you realize you didn’t think out your New Year’s resolutions as much as you maybe oughta.

You might have identified a goal that gets you fired up, but you left “the process” a little murky.

And as much as we’d all love to believe in a “magic bullet”, there simply isn’t one.

  • Gain Strength.  
  • Lose fat.  
  • Improve Performance.  
  • Build Muscle.
  • Compose Physique.  
  • Enhance Mobility.  
  • Recover from an Injury.
  • Increase Endurance.

Every one of the goals listed above requires more of you than just a couple of hours in the gym each week.

To achieve any of these outcomes, you need to be checking some basic boxes.  

Some… unsexy boxes.  

Boxes that are the antithesis of a magic bullet.

Our post on sleep from the other week sparked a few conversations in the gym. We discussed with our members the four pillars of Fitness.

If you want to have any expectation of results from your efforts in the gym, you have to be managing these four pillars as best you can:

  • Training
    • Intensity
    • Frequency
    • Duration
    • General Activity Level
  • Sleep.
    • Quantity
    • Quality
    • Consistency
  • Nutrition
    • Protein 
    • Calories
    • Hydration
  • Social Connection.
    • Hobbies
    • Family
    • Friends

These factors are crucial to anyone’s success.

You’re awesome, but you’re not special.

You’re not above these basics.

You will not be able to out-train these factors for any respectable amount of time.

Take a look at those 4 pillars, and the primary factors that affect them. Do a quick audit of how well you’re managing them. Then, work on improving whatever makes the most sense.

Maybe it’s been three plus years since you’ve tracked your macros. While we don’t think most people need to be tracking their macros on a daily basis, a regular check-in is very helpful. You can ensure you’re where you think you’re at regarding protein, calories, and hydration.

The goals here is to look at that list and come up with solutions, not excuses.

I know, no one has a perfect situation. As a parent of three young kids, I know that my sleep might get jacked up no matter how dialed in I am with my routines.

That doesn’t mean I should act like a child and bail on the whole effort!

I’ll be kind to myself, but also strict with myself.

You should too.

If you’re struggling to identify the next step to take, book a Kickstart Session with us.

We’ll be your base camp.


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