Grandma Needs You!

The Holidays for many involve family gatherings, large and small.  At many of these gatherings, the oldest family members will make one of their rare appearances for the year.

I’m fortunate enough to have both of my grandmothers in good health.  One is 100, and the other is almost to triple digits!

My 100-year-old grandma lives nearby.  This Christmas will be one of her big annual appearances.

First, let me state that these amazing women haven’t reached this age by accident.  They maintained a sense of purpose, stayed active, and are now enjoying great health at an advanced age!

Second, in these instances with grandma, I’m always called upon to help with getting in & out of the car, up the steps, and more. Why? 

Because there’s a reliable amount of fitness I’ve reached – that ensures my grandma’s safety.

I’m not “the only option” and an actual liability to the situation.  

My fitness exceeds the demands of keeping my grandma safe.  As a result, this isn’t a stressful situation for those involved.

This is where your fitness really shows up.  This is when you realize that all your training matters.  

Are you one who can help?  Or are you a liability if someone slips, trips, or stumbles?  

Can you be stable, strong, and safe?  Or do you overreact, crumble, and compound the chaos?

It’s rarely the big heroic feat that demands our fitness (although I’ll be glad I trained if I’m ever in that situation!).  

It’s more often something like helping your elderly grandmother walk up the steps to your home.  Being confident that you can provide safety and stability not just for yourself, but someone else.

We don’t always get to pick and choose when we’re called upon.  

That means I might be far below 100% in the moment.  No worry!  My fitness is high enough that we’re still good.

If the top end of your fitness is what’s required to be serviceable to yourself and others in daily living, that’s a problem.  Because you’ll rarely be fully at 100% and thus, rarely at the top end of your fitness.

Something to think about when you’re determining what you expect of yourself and your efforts in the gym.

Train hard, build that reserve, and be ready when grandma needs you!


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