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                This about me is meant to give you a better sense of where my training philosophies and personal motivation come from:  I spent most of my childhood outdoors.  Swimming, Running Jumping, and Climbing were natural and common activities for me.  I still consider these the building blocks of a functional body and use these essential movements to assess my clients today.  People that are active as children and stay active as they age are obviously far leaner and healthier than any sedentary counterpart.  The big takeaway here is that people who never stop moving have a much lower incidence of injury than those who are active, become sedentary, and then become active again.  For the latter, learning how to move again with proper form and technique will yield better results and prevent a possible lifetime of aches and pains as a result of poor training.

                I played several sports through my childhood, but wrestling was my arena of choice.  I learned about relative strength, functional conditioning, proper diet, and mental fortitude from this great sport.  Many consider wrestling to be one of the toughest sports out there, and I’m inclined to agree with them.  This affects my training style because wrestling has no room for “glamour” muscles.  The guy with the pumped up biceps from a bunch of curls is going to get crushed by the guy who was busy doing pull-ups instead.  (Note – the guy doing pull-ups is well built too.  He’s just much more able to recruit his muscles for functional movements.)  My wrestling career has now transitioned to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu career.  Many of the virtues from wrestling are the same:  Emphasis is on balancing strength and conditioning while focusing on proper technique.  You can regularly spot me at the gym training for an upcoming Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  I’m always working to improve my strength and conditioning while training for my specific sport and goals.

                From 2006-2010, I worked as a Coordinator for a Special Olympics program.  I also coached many of the sports that we offered, including powerlifting.  I even coached one of our lifters to two gold medals at the Special Olympics National Games.  It was during this time as a coach that I found my passions and talents intersect.  While I still volunteer as a Special Olympics coach, I chose to transition into a career as a Personal Trainer.  I’ve spent a lifetime researching and learning about health & wellness, and continue to study and learn every day.  This knowledge, coupled with an ability to effectively coach and communicate is what makes me as successful as I’ve been.

I’m currently engaged to a lovely woman who keeps me sane, and we’re looking forward to getting married this November.  I regularly hunt, fish, and spend as much time in the outdoors as I can.  I train in Jiu-Jitsu several times per week.  This helps keep me humble, which is one of my greatest assets.  When I’m not working hard, I enjoy spending time with friends & family, listening to music, cooking, and reading.  I’m constantly seeking out the best minds in the strength and conditioning field to expand my knowledge base and better serve my clients.  I am a trainer because I love my job.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


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