3 years since the last post on this blog.  

Events were set in motion years before, but it was at this time 3 years ago that I fully committed my efforts towards opening the gym we have today.  The blog went silent.  Until now.

Super Hero movies have been all the rage for the past decade.  Many have even gotten “re-boots” with very short turnarounds.  Why? Because you can only tell the origins story once.  It’s the most important story.  In sequels, the antagonist is usually personified in a villain.  But in the origins story, our protagonist has an even greater obstacle ahead of them: They are to figure out the “why” to what they will do.  The core thing that motivates them.  We can identify, and care more deeply about this aspect of our hero, than we could any villain.

RCTF’s Origins story is still being completed.  Our final identity will have to be determined by our members.  If you’ve read our story, you know that Special Olympics is a cause very dear to our heart.  But beyond that, how will we contribute to this community?  How can we best spread our knowledge and use our influence to help our neighbors?  These are the things that matter to us.  Do we care about getting you in the best shape of your life and showing you the awesome things your body can do?  Do we want each and every member at our gym to live a kick-ass life?  Hell yes!  But we’re in it for more than that.  We’re here to help lift up this community in ways that haven’t even been presented to us yet.  But we’re ready.  We’re willing.

It’s not easy, but each of us wishes to be the best version of themselves.  The true you.  A real-life Super Hero.  Certain aspects of this self are difficult to pin down, and even more difficult to agree upon.  But – we can universally agree that the best version of us is fit and healthy.  Our gym is a place where you can become that better version of yourself and more.  We’re honored to have the opportunity to train alongside the members of this community.  Honored to have you be a part of our tribe.

Our gym is finally open.  We are fully operational.  We’d love to show you what we’re doing.  Whether it’s kettlebell training, functional movement, sports performance, or simply getting your mojo back, this is the place with the experience, tools, and methods to get the job done.

If you’re down to take that first step, click the get started tab at the top of our site.  

We have sounded the call.  Will you answer?

Thank You to all who supported us from the beginning.


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